The Swinging London era (60’s/70’s) were a time of significant cultural and social change in London it was a youth-oriented phenomenon that emphasized the new and modern. It was a period of optimism and hedonism, and a cultural and fashion revolution

In those years, a small boutique named BAZAAR born in Kings Road, owned by Mary Quant and later on a boutique named BIBA owned by Barbara Hulanicki – became a global fashion phenomenon, their unique style and inexpensive fashion clothes, transformed the way the ordinary girl in the street dressed for 2 decades, they brought the era’s greatest trends to the wardrobes of the masses.

Dresses were becoming shorter and shorter every day until they were covering the legs only ten centimeters. Pop art brought geometric patterns and two-colored (mostly black-white) dresses. Mini-dresses were often worn with long tight boots. Stripes, dots and other geometrical patterns were everywhere; they decorated the skirts, dresses, blouses… PVC raincoats and bobbed hair women were everywhere this is where the new Harry Williams Watch collection inspiration come from, a unique combination between a classic minimalist watch case and modern colored strap, tradition versus innovation, the austere elegance against the Mary Quant miniskirt.

Harry Williams has created two watch versions, one dedicated to women, the second designed specifically for men, both with a round classic case, vintage minimalist dial, eclectic interchangeable watch band in colored cotton or soft leather or stainless steel